Wednesday, April 30, 2014

HWP: St. Catherine of Siena

Happy feast of St. Catherine of Siena! Due to the difference in liturgical calendars pre- & post- Vatican II, St. Catherine's feast was yesterday (Ordinary Form/Post-Vatican II) as well as today (Extraordinary Form/Pre-Vatican II). How cool is that?! This great woman of faith and doctor of the Church was so full of love and spoke often and powerfully of the love the God has for us and that we are to have for Him. This is why she was named a Doctor of the Church - the love of God is always relevant. For this reason, the HWP today is a short pious prayer but is deep in meaning. Enjoy!
Prayer of St. Catherine of Siena to the Triune God 
O unfathomable depth! 
O Deity eternal! 
O deep ocean! 
What more could You give me 
than to give me Yourself?

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