Thursday, May 29, 2014


Today is traditionally the liturgical feast celebrating the Ascension of the Lord Jesus. Unfortunately most places move the feast to the following Sunday. I say 'unfortunately' because the date of the Ascension is significant for us. Tradition tells us that after the Ascension, Mary and the Apostles gathered (at Jesus' command) for nine days of prayer for the Lord to send them the Holy Spirit. That prayer was answered on the feast of Pentecost. Since then it has been tradition to begin on the Friday after Ascension Thursday the Novena to the Holy Spirit, so that we can be like the first followers of Jesus and pray for an outpouring of the Spirit in our own day. Despite the Ascension not being celebrated today, we still begin the Novena tomorrow. Do not miss this blessed opportunity to receive the grace of God and the stirring up of the Spirit in your heart!

A link to the specific intentions for each day can be found at the EWTN website HERE.

Come, Holy Spirit!