Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Written? Kitten!

This just in from the 'totally random' department of my brain:

As a college student and grad student for a total of eight years, I had many papers to write and often found myself less than excited about having to write them. I was forwarded a website from a good friend that aims at helping with this problem. It's called Written? Kitten! and it's a website that is based off of this premise: cats are cute. It starts out with a blank screen and a text box, but as soon as you type 100 words - a cat picture! And for every 100 words after that - another cat picture! If you've got a monster paper, you can up the count to 200, 500 or 1000 words for the picture change. It certainly helps to write a paper if the more progress we make the more cute cat pictures we see, right? After all, seeing this cute kitten picture makes me want to write a paper...and I don't even have to...