Friday, November 4, 2011

Were Not Our Hearts Burning...

The Emmaus story, when the Resurrected Christ walks with two disciples and then breaks open the scriptures to them, is a beautiful one on which to reflect. That touching line "were not our hearts burning..." is one that often comes to mind as I hear or read a particularly profound concept in the scriptures or theology of the Church. And as I have that experience, it drives me to seek to know more and more.

When I first had a scripture class with Dr. Brant Pitre at Notre Dame Seminary, I walked away thinking that exact line from the above account. He had a way of bringing the scriptures to an understandable level that was engaging and enjoyable, yet at the same time challenging and thought-provoking. Every class was a joy and every talk I've heard from his was enlightening in some fashion. Why am I saying all of this? Because Dr. Pitre is coming to Baton Rouge next week and you can be there.

St. Thomas More Catholic Church is having it's Parish Mission on November 7-8, Monday and Tuesday night, starting at 7pm. The subject is 'The Biblical Roots of the Mass: A Scriptural Explanation of the New Roman Missal'. It should be absolutely wonderful and I highly encourage as many as can go to do so.

More info on the event can be found on the flyer HERE.
More info on Dr. Pitre can be found on his website HERE.