Monday, November 28, 2011

Restful Sundays

Updated: article link now works!

Keep holy the Sabbath.

While we tend to think about taking the Lord's name in vain, coveting goods and the other Ten Commandments, it seems that keeping the Sabbath holy is likely the one most commonly broken when we're honest with ourselves. At the seminary I often saw Sundays as the day when I could crank out a whole paper or do some serious reading for class. Then I was lamenting to my spiritual director one day the fact that I never had time to rest and he asked about really keeping Sunday holy and resting with the Lord. I realized just how much I had been doing the opposite and he challenged me to try it out. Much fruit has been born from that challenge. I can't say I don't give into the urges to work on Sundays anymore, but I'm quite sure that I'll never be free of that inclination. As we enter into this Advent season and spend these 4 weeks quietly awaiting the Lord's coming at Christmas, learning to keep the Sabbath (Sunday) as a day of rest may be something to consider looking at. There is a wonderful little article about one woman's experience and struggle with doing so found HERE that is well worth 5 minutes to read. Gave me pause to re-evaluate how I've been doing lately as well... Have a blessed Advent!