Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mary and the Way

Readings for Tuesday, July 27/Peace Mass:
Psalm 79:8,9,11,13
Matthew 13:36-43

There is a little-known text called the Didache that was written and spread throughout the early Christian Church around the end of the first century. This little document was like a mini-catechism in its description of the Christian life and sacramental life of the Church. The author is unknown, but the message it presents is very clear. It begins “There are two ways, one of life and one of death, but a great difference between the two ways.”

In our gospel today we encounter a parable about these two ways. The way of life bears good fruit that is brought to storage. The way of death bears only weeds that try to choke out the good seed; because it tries to choke out what is bad and because there is no good in it, the weeds are cast into the fiery furnace. This vivid image hits home for us was we realize that each of us will be judged on that last day and set to one side or the other. With that end in mind, we can now see the importance of choosing the right way and staying on that path.

One sure way to stay safely on that path is to stay close to the Blessed Mother. Whether it be by praying the rosary or the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin or any number of pious prayers to her under one of her many titles, the point is that we must stay close to her. As Queen of Heaven and Earth, she is the most powerful intercessor we can have and to ask for her help is to be sure that we will receive the grace that we need. So today, as we come once again to celebrate this Peace Mass, let us call on Our Lady, Our Mother, that she might always lead us closer to Christ, who is the Way, Truth, and Life, that on the last day we might be welcomed into the Kingdom where we will reign with Him forever.