Friday, July 30, 2010

Face-Melting Quote of the Day

"...we must by a deliberate effort exert our faith, to see his hand and His love in all that befalls us; we must exert our hope, to trust in Him for everything we need for His glory and our own sanctification; we must exert our love, to cleave to Him in that union of will and humble emptiness of self, which is the true abiding in Christ, and one union with God that matters here below. Note that we say exert, because these circumstances call for a very definite and determined decision. We must decide to believe in God; we must decide to hope in Him; we must decide to love Him; we must decide to trust Him; we must decide that Christ is our life, and God is our all." (Italics are from the author)
-Fr. Eugene Boylan in "This Tremendous Lover"