Friday, July 5, 2013

Pope-tastic Friday!

It's a great day to be Catholic! Well, isn't every day a great day to be Catholic?! Regardless! His Holiness, Pope Francis released his first Encyclical Letter this morning. It bears the title 'Lumen Fidei' or 'Light of Faith' and can be found on the Vatican website HERE. It is short by papal standards, coming in at only 88 total pages on PDF including large print and lots of white space on the pages.
ALSO - a miracle has been confirmed for Blessed John Paul II, clearing the way for his canonization as a saint of the Church. Too, Blessed John XXIII, who opened the Second Vatican Council, will be voted on soon by the Cardinals of the Church for canonization without the necessary miracle attributed yet. You can read more about it HERE on Catholic News Service's website.