Wednesday, July 3, 2013

HWP: St. Thomas the Apostle

Today is the feast of the Glorious Apostle and Martyr of the faith, St. Thomas. Though he is often called 'Doubting Thomas' for his lack of belief in the words of his fellow Apostles, his faith led him to preach the Gospel in India, where he ultimately laid down his life for Christ. From his need to see the wounds of Jesus we too are permitted to express faith in the truth that the Crucified Lord was raised for our salvation. 

Prayer to St. Thomas the Apostle

O Glorious Saint Thomas, your grief for Jesus was such that it would not let you believe he had risen unless you actually saw him and touched his wounds. But your love for Jesus was equally great and it led you to give up your life for him. Pray for us that we may grieve for our sins which were the cause of Christ's sufferings. Help us to spend ourselves in his service and so earn the title of "blessed" which Jesus applied to those who would believe in him without seeing him. Amen.