Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HWP: Prayer to the Virgin Mary

Being that Our Lady's entire mission is to bring us closer to the Heart of her beloved Son, it seems only right to conclude this section on Prayers of Preparation for Mass with a prayer to Our Lady. She who was for her entire life full of grace desires to bring us more deeply into the grace of the Sacraments and help us to receive them well, so let's open ourselves to her that she might do be able to perfectly fulfill her mission in us.

Prayer to the Virgin Mary before Mass
(Adapted for laity)
Mother of mercy and of love, most blessed Virgin Mary, I, a poor and unworthy sinner, fly to thee with all my heart and all my affection. I implore thy loving-kindness, that even as thou didst stand beside thy dear Son as He hung upon the Cross, so wilt thou also stand by me, a poor sinner, and beside all thy faithful people receiving the Most Sacred Body of thy Son. Grant us, that by thy grace, we may receive it worthily and fruitfully. Amen. 
Taken from the 'Quo Vadis Days' website at