Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beauty and Pope Benedict

As a teenager I had many struggles in faith and at one point believed that there was no God but that we simply were here by some happenstance. In hindsight, I see that one of the major things that helped me to be able to profess belief in the Triune God is the beauty of creation. The sky on a clear night, a colorful sunset, the unspeakable beauty of mountains and the ocean. At the time I was caught up in them because they seemed to speak something much deeper than just their color or size or any other attribute. I wouldn't have said it in these terms, but these experiences of the beauty of nature spoke to my soul of the Creator behind it all. The beauty  helped me to see, although veiled, the beauty of God and I was drawn to it, compelled to chase after it. 

With all of that in my mind, I was touched by THIS ARTICLE about Pope Benedict's recent comments on beauty and conversion. Enjoy.