Monday, July 18, 2011

Reflecting God

Readings for Monday, July 18/ St. Camillus:
Exodus 14:5-18
Exodus 15:1-6 (in place of resp. psalm)
Matthew 12:38-42

I love the lives of the saints because we get to see the virtues lived out in a really radical way. You know, each saint tends to have at least one virtue that really shines in their lives. As we celebrate St. Camillus today, I want to say that his shining virtue is humility. His feast is regularly the 14th of this month, but since that is the memorial of Blessed Kateri, a native of our land, he is 'perpetually transferred' (as the Ordo so nicely puts it) to the 18th. The real virtue that shines in him though is that of charity. His life was dedicated to serving others, especially those who were ill and in need of care. So alive was the charity within him that he would truly see those he served as 'other Christs,' going so far as to beg their forgiveness for his own faults. It was also said that he was so intent on serving others and letting the love of God be known that if there were no more people above the ground to meet, that we ought to go underground to see if there are souls there. What charity coursed through his veins and dwelt in his soul! And yet we also realize that it was truly the Lord who was alive in Him, the God who is Love Itself. 

So often when we turn to the Bible we think about the Gospels and those moving letter of St. Paul, but the reality is that the Old Testament is full of wonderful one-line prayers that we would do well to pray with also. For instance, in Exodus today we hear Moses tell the Israelites, who are fleeing in fear of the Egyptians, "The Lord Himself will fight for you; you have only to keep still." What a beautiful sign of God's love for us - that we truly need do nothing but keep still in Him and all will work according to His plan. My we have that grace today and everyday, and so shine ourselves with that same love that He shows to us.