Monday, May 2, 2011

Mercy and Such

These past few days have seen an incredible series of events. In the secular world we have all been stunned by the tragic tornadoes that tore through Alabama and neighboring states killing hundreds and the announcement that Osama Bin Laden has been confirmed dead. In the Catholic world we have been filled with an unexplainable joy as we celebrated the feast of Divine Mercy, Beatification of Pope John Paul II and the beginning of the month of May, in which we honor the Blessed Mother. And as I reflect upon these things I can't help but see that hand of God at work. It cannot be but divine providence to have Pope John Paul II be beatified on Divine Mercy Sunday (a feast he instituted universally) and on the first day of the month devoted to Our Lady, to whom he had consecrated his entire life and ministry. Intersecting with this beautiful work of God, we have these two other events that consume our secular media. In the wake of these tornadoes we can only entrust the dead to the mercy of God and to seek his mercy on those who remain, entrusting themselves to His paternal care and consolation. And as we all hear that joyful shouts of so many Americans that Bin Laden has been killed, we must also remember that we ought not to rejoice in death, but in life. I pray that before his death, as unlikely at it may seem, he was converted to the Lord Jesus. And if not, I pray - and we all must - that the Lord Jesus show him His infinite mercy. Reflecting on this, I can't help but recall that famous quote "There, but for the grace of God, go I." Earlier tonight I was visiting with a couple of brother seminarians and I mentioned an old song that I used to listen to. One of then hadn't heard it before and so I pulled it up online and he was surprised to hear the type of music that it was - electronic heavy metal. I passingly mentioned that it was from my time before conversion. To this he responded, "Well, I'm glad for your conversion." As he spoke this I couldn't help but feel in my heart that joyful, peaceful response, "Me too." I know personally the grace of conversion that can come from the prayers of those who are faithful and so I think it fitting to pray for those who not yet part of the fold. You never know the power that a prayer can have, especially through Our Lady, whose intercession is powerful beyond our understanding, to Our Lord who is longing to pour out His mercy upon each of us.