Wednesday, May 20, 2015

HWP: Prayer for Humility

Yesterday in the Extraordinary Form calendar Mother Church honored Pope St. Peter Celestine. St. Peter Celestine was a man of humble beginnings, being raised in relative poverty. Being a man of great piety, he pursued religious life as a hermit and helped to inspire faith in others. His humility made him reluctant to be ordained a priest and to offer Mass, but the Lord spoke in his prayers to be obedient. This obedience was called upon again when he was unanimously elected as Pope - much to his horror. He submitted to the yoke of the papacy, but shortly thereafter renounced the papal throne and returned to the humble hermitage in which he had previously lived. So today we honor him as we pray:

Lord Jesus, when You walked the earth, Your humility obscured Your Kingship. Your meekness confused the arrogant, Hindering them from grasping Your purpose, Your nobleness attending to the destitutes. Teach me to model after Your eminence, To subject my human nature to humility. Grant me a with a natural inclination To never view myself greater than anyone. Banish all lingering sparks of self-importance That could elevate me greater than You. Let my heart always imitate Your humility!