Wednesday, April 8, 2015

HWP: Easter Wednesday

Today we find ourselves midway into the Easter Octave, that 8-day festival honoring the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. I was intrigued to find a page (here) with a series of prayers for each day of the octave, so in celebration of Christ's Resurrection, we offer our HWP for the week:

A Prayer for Easter Wednesday 
Let us commend ourselves and all people
to the love and protection of the Mother of God. 
Holy Mother of God, Mary ever Virgin,
intercede for us with the Lord our God. 
God who is mighty has done great things for us.
And holy is His name. 
Let us pray:

In the brilliant light of Easter,
Teach us, too, that nothing is impossible with God.
All our struggles with self and others,
All our disappointments and shames,
All our failures and sinfulness
Are as nothing in this healing, life-giving light.
Accept, then, our all.
May God look upon it,
As once did the Mighty One upon your lowliness,
So that we might be gifted with that blessedness
Promised to all sons and daughters of the Resurrection.

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