Monday, March 16, 2015

Radio Silence

Hello, friend in the Lord. Any regular readers may have noticed my failure to post last weekend's homily. If so, you'll also notice my failure to post this week's homily as well. The cause is the hectic nature of the season mixed with my preparations for pilgrimage to Rome (leaving this morning) resulting in inability to devote time to composing what was preached. Sorry if you had hoped to hear/read these homilies. A heads up as well: I will not be posting homilies for the next two weekends as I'll be traveling next weekend and will have a deacon preaching the weekend after that. So it apparently looks like I'm giving up homily-blogging for the rest of Lent! Do know of my prayers for you while traveling and please pray for me and my companions as well. St. Christopher, pray for us!

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