Wednesday, June 5, 2013

HWP: St. Boniface

Today is the feast of St. Boniface, one of those old-school saints that was an evangelizing beast. Story has it that he went into one town where the people worshipped the deity Thor in an old oak tree. Boniface, filled with the Spirit, took an axe and cut the tree down himself as the people of the town watched. The tree, when it fell, is said to have split into four parts in the shape of a cross. He then erected a chapel and began converting the people to the Christian faith. A model of boldness, persistence, and evangelical zeal, he stands for us an encouragement in our secularized culture to continue the battle to bring souls to Christ. With that in mind, we offer as today's HWP....

The Prayer to St. Boniface

Saint Boniface, you faced discouragement and failure and learned from them. 
Help us to hear God's message in our moments of failure 
and use what we have learned to serve God better.