Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Skin and Snouts

As we celebrate today the Apostle Bartholomew, also known as Nathaniel in the gospels, we find that there is not much of anything said about him outside of his being named in the Twelve. Some historical accounts have him evangelizing the people of India; some accounts have him in Egypt. I say why not both!? Anywho, the story of his life is not the point of this post, but rather that of his death. As we have no verifiable accounts of his life, his death also remains somewhat a mystery. That said, there is one interesting story that seems to have been widely believed in the early church and it is that he was flayed to death, also known as being skinned alive. Again, this is not verifiable, but it certainly makes for a powerful story of faith and willingness to suffer for the Lord. And in his honor I post the image that depicts him flayed - holding his skin in hand. St. Bartholomew, pray for us!

And on a lighter note: 
Fr. Z at the WDTPRS blog posts about some interesting animal reactions to the East Coast Earthquake HERE. Seeing this got me interested in a new funny looking animal that I would greatly enjoy having around the house - the elephant Shrew. What a cute little creature.