Friday, April 8, 2011

Face-Melting Quote of the Day

Since my last post I have run a half marathon (13.1 miles), gotten a stress fracture in my foot due to running said marathon, and spent the week working on various projects after falling behind due to the need to tend to said stress fracture. Thus, things have been a bit hectic lately, but I'm finally able to come back to the surface and breathe again - and the air is quite nice! The past few days have been spent preparing for a presentation due on Monday for my 'Theology of Holy Orders' course here at the seminary, so I've been reading a lot about the priesthood, which I've found really exciting. One quote of the many quotes that I thought were incredible came from Archbishop Charles Chaput, in the book Priests for a New Millennium

“’Maintenance-mode’ Christianity does not exist. Happiness for the priest depends on our bringing others to know Jesus Christ, and deepening the roots of the word in the hearts of those who already profess him. If priests do not live the ministry of the word ardently and actively, we cannot be happy, because we are made to be a model and sacrifice for others. We are made to witness.