Thursday, January 20, 2011


Readings for Friday, January 21/Memorial of St. Agnes:
Hebrews 8:6-13
Psalm 85:8,10-14
Mark 3:13-19

In the business of daily life, it is easy for us to get caught up in simply keeping our spiritual ship afloat. We try to bail the water as soon as it comes in and attempt to steer clear of any worse waters than we already find ourselves in. But sometimes in the midst of all of that, the Lord wants us to simply gaze upon Him and know that despite the battles that we must fight and the various experiences we will have along the way, He love us and has is held safely in His care. I have to laugh because periodically I'll have catchy tunes in my head that I learned years ago, such as "He's go the whole world in His hands..." And, thanks to me, you probably have it in your head now too. You're welcome :) Anywho, as I think about that little song, I can't help but think (yes, I'm over-analyzing this) that the song is to holistic and impersonal. Sure, it teaches us a great thing that all people should know, namely that the Lord does have us safely in His hand. And yet I think there is also a sense in which we need to tweak it a bit and say "He's His hands..."It's rather simply but often the simplest of concepts are those that speak most deeply to our hearts. To understand that God loves us personally, that He has me in His hands, is something that can easily bring us to tears if were to really grasp it. And as I was reading these readings from Mass, I couldn't help but be struck by this concept which I have often contemplated. In calling the Twelve to Himself, He spoke their name. Peter. James. John. Andrew. Philip. and so for each of them. Imagine being Peter, James, John or one of those blessed Twelve who hear their name called by God to come serve Him in a particular way. What would you think? How would you respond? Now contemplate the fact that just as He called them by name, so He calls each of us by name. He calls out to us and asks us to come to Him so as to simply love and be love by Him Who is Love itself. 

As I conclude this little reflection, I can't help but recall the chorus of this song entitled "Name" by the Christian rock band Fireflight. It gets to the point well enough I think :)

He sees you. He's near you. He knows your face. He knows your pain.
He sees you and He loves you. He knows your name. He knows your name.