Friday, August 27, 2010

Faith in the Cross

Readings for Friday, August 27/Memorial of St. Monica:
Icon of St. Monica
1 Corinthians 1:17-25
Psalm 33:1,2,4,5,10,11
Matthew 25:1-13

Look at the Crucifix. Does that look like wisdom?

The Lord God Himself suffering; His flesh torn open, His hands and feet pierced by nails, His whole body racked with pain – not to mention the spiritual suffering that the Lord knew in that hour. You can almost understand why the Jews considered it a stumbling block to belief in the Gospel message and the Greeks considered it foolishness, stupidity. And yet we know that the Cross of Christ is the wisdom of God, not by signs or wisdom but by faith.

Mother Church celebrates today one of the great women of the early Church, Saint Monica, a model of this faith in the Cross of Christ. Saint Monica was the mother of three children, one of whom was wise in the ways of the world. A pious and prayerful woman, Saint Monica poured out her prayers and tears before the Lord for many years, seeking the conversion of her son, Augustine, to the faith. After many thousands of tears and prayers, the heart of Augustine was converted and we celebrate his feast day tomorrow. A man once wise in the things of the world, he became a man wise in the things of God and it is due to the faith and fervent prayer of his mother, Saint Monica.

May we too have the faith of Saint Monica, that we might persevere in prayer and one day join her and her son in Heaven at the Heavenly Marriage Feast.